Information about myself

First and last name: Patricia Monzón
Email:  or

  • M.S. in Cognitive Psychology. Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) “Artistic projects and Science learning” - 2006

  • B.S. in Electronic Engineering. Universidad de Buenos Aires - 1982 - 1991

  • High School: National School of Buenos Aires - 1976 - 1981.

Teaching Experience

  • Profesor.  Physics II (Electricity and magnetism) National Technological University. (2007 to now)

  • Physics Tutor in b- learning modality. (2008 to now)

  • Teaching assistant. National Technological University - 2005 to now

  • Teaching assistant. Engineering. University of Buenos Aires - 2006

  • Teaching assistant. Technological Institute of Buenos Aires - 2000 - 2005

  • Physics teacher in High School. Buenos Aires National School. - 1993 to now

  • Teaching assistant. Buenos Aires National School. - 1984 - 1989

Conference Presentations

  • Virtual rooms: b-learning taking into account specific needs in Physics learning in University. Monzón, P., Schenoni, G., Viñuela, M. (2009) (VI National and III Latin American Meeting "University as an object of research”, Córdoba, Argentina, November 12th to 14th ,2009.

  • REF 16. San Juan 2009. A first analysis of students’ participation in a virtual physics forum in engineering courses. Schenoni, G., Monzón, P.,  Carlevaro, M. National Technological University. Regional School of Buenos Aires. Paper admitted.

  • First International Congress of University Pedagogy. Workshop Corsini, A., Monzón P., Repetto, V. The educational platform: a tool for the integration of the processes of teaching and learning the dynamics of the material point in Physics I for courses of studies of engineering. Pedagogical experience.. Buenos Aires. 2009

  • Iberoamerican Congress on Acoustics.  Assistant. City of Buenos Aires, 2008

  • SIEF 9.Minimal stories of good science professors. Iglesias, A. I, Monzón, P, Martinez Larghi, M. J. y Fresnedo, C. Presentation.  Rosario,  2008

  • First Metropolitan Congress of teacher training. Professors of Natural Sciences reflect on their lives and the profession.Iglesias, A. I., Monzón, P, Martínez Larhi, M. J. Oral presentation. City of Buenos Aires, 2008

  • “Tutor training in virtual environments” within the PROMEI project framework. “Teacher training in blended and distance learning activities” December, 2007.National Technological University.Regional School of Buenos Aires.

  • 10th Iberoamerican EDUTEC Congress. Pilot experience on the incorporation of modelling activities on encounter situations in general physics for System Engineering. Monzón, P, Schenoni, G. y Elizalde, C. Presentation. Buenos Aires. 2007.

  • 10th Iberoamerican EDUTEC Congress. Pilot study on the incidence of the use of simulations on the learning general University Physics. Menikheim, C, Corsini, A. Monzón, P, y Aveleyra, E. Presentación. Buenos Aires. 2007.

  • “Science And Art In Science Class. Some ideas for deeper thinking”. Fourth International Conference on imagination and Education. Oral presentation. - Vancouver - Canada - 2006

  • “Why is it important that students create artistic works even in a Science Class, throughout their Imagination? Third International Conference on Imagination and Education. Virtual presenter - Vancouver - Canada - 2005

  • “Production of Cultural Tools in Physics Classes” Seventh Research Symposium on Education in Physics. Oral Presentation - La Pampa - Argentina - 2004


  • “Artistic productions and Science learning.” NEST - MIT (Massachussets Institute of Technology). - Cambridge - USA - 2006


  • Didactic Museum about Physics and Physics learning. Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. 2004- Now. Multidisciplinary projects with students and teachers working on old Physics learning machines.

  • High school: Science learning and artistic projects, implemented in high school class. 2000- 2006

  • After giving a workshop to the members of the Network of Educators of Science and Technology and MIT in the program for Science and Engineering teachers, I will keep in touch with those interested in sharing their experiences based in this proposal. The idea is go to deeper into the research on imagination in classroom practice.

  • Projects in development: Building an International Research Network in Imagination and Education (IRNIE), International Opportunities Fund Developmental Grant.

Chapter in a book

  • Monzón, P. y Viñuela, M.  (2009). Science and Art in Science Class. En: S. Blenkinsop. (ed.) The Imagination in Education: Extending the Boundaries of Theory and Practice. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.